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UPDATE: Happy 2016 to all! Hope your starting your new year right! We are currently updating our progress with Roli's road to recovery campaign. As of 1/5/16, We are 15% away from reaching our 8,500.00 goal! We are so close to hitting the marker! The fundraiser is coming to a close on January 17. All donations will go to Roli's fundraiser with no added fees taken!! Help us get the last few hundred dollars needed to support Roli while he is out of work. Thank you for the love and support. If you have contributed already. Please spread the word of Roli's situation to your friends,colleagues and Dj Community. Let's help him get back on his feet! Roli Rho's Recovery Team and Himself thank you all for the supportive generosity and positive vibes you have given us. We thank you. Let's go out there and #letshelproli #LetsHelpRoli #2016 !


** If you wish to donate Via PAYPAL . Roli's paypal is roli5pltn@aol.com (please click friends or family to donate thank you.)

As you all know, life can often present us with challenges without warning. Sometimes these challenges are small speed bumps in the road on our path through life, while other times the road leads us to seemingly unpassable mountains towering as high as the eyes can see. Today our good friend Roli Rho finds himself in one such “seemingly unpassable” situation. One that requires some attention from those of us that know and love him.

Earlier this year Roli found himself in the hospital for what he thought was a simple sprained ankle, however that was not the case. As it turned out, Roli has suffered a rather serious injury. He was diagnosed with a Dislocation of the Tarsal Navicular. The tarsal navicular bone is located in the uppermost portion of the arch of the foot and plays a major role in weight bearing during movement. It is the keystone for the relief of vertical stress on the arch of the foot. Pure navicular dislocation is a rare injury, and at the time of this research we were only able to find 15 confirmed cases. This can be treated with a surgery that would implement plates and/or wires which would hold the bone in its proper place allowing normal usage after 3 to 5 months of careful recovery followed by some intense physical therapy. Now this is a mountain of its own, but this is not where it ends for our dear friend Roli. Due to a pre-existing condition there is actually poor circulation in the affected foot that needs attention before surgery can even be attempted. This just prolongs the situation, and lessens the chance for complete recovery.

All of you that know Roli, know him to be a very humble, caring, generous, and genuine person. One that would give you the shirt off his back in a time of need. One that will take time out of his day to make yours just that much better. Personally he has taken me under his wing. He has mentored me in the art of turntablism and djing. He has taken the time to teach me the ins and outs of life, music, and the business we are in. He has been there for me in my darkest of hours, both emotionally and financially… And I am just one of MANY he has helped in similar ways. This is why his friends, family, and loved ones have gotten together to help him just as he has helped all of us. Knowing what lies ahead for Roli in this unfortunate circumstance, we wanted to do for him what he would do for us. We have decided to take action to help him through the troubled waters ahead. Over the next several months, he will be unable to work. This creates a rather large financial circumstance that may only be navigated through with the help of all of us.

As of now Roli is unable to work, and will not be able to do so for several months. Keeping weight off his foot coupled swift and concise medical attention is the safest and quickest way to a healthy and full recovery. In the industry in which Roli and many of us work, there are no sick days or paid medical leave. There is simply the grind, one which never stops. Plain and simple, if we aren’t djing we aren’t eating. Although Roli has been smart and managed to set aside some savings, it still won’t be enough to cover the medical expenses, rent, and his most basic of needs for the next 5 to 6 months. This is where we need to step in. We have created this fund to help Roli weather the storm ahead. To make sure he can afford the extensive medical attention needed, to ensure a roof over his head and some basic necessities of life, and to be there for the person that has been there for us so many times over the years. Anything you can do is appreciated. No amount is too little. Every single penny is 1 step closer to a fully recovered and healthy Roli. Please take a few minutes to chip in to help our brother get through this unfortunate circumstance so he can get back to being the man we all know, love, and respect. Thank you for your time, understanding, and generosity.

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